Tuesday, March 8, 2011



I hope I didn't just jinx myself because the actual closing is still over a month away but I can't contain my excitement! good good news YAY! It's going to be a little hectic until then. There is still moving to be done and arrangements to make but by May we will be breathing a lot easier around here.

I am trying to stay focused on some creative projects at the same time. My latest endeavour has been making a braided rug. It's a small one so don't worry, I haven't completely gone off the deep end. I promise!


Cerise said...

Congrats!!! Hope everything runs smoothly!

Glenda said...

WOOT!!! Doing a happy dance for ya!

I'm looking forward to seeing the braided rug and hearing your comments on making it. That's been one of the things that I've considered making from time to time, but, you know, it still remains on The List ;-).

Georgia said...


Corinne said...

Thanks everyone! I've been dreaming of the day when I could write this post! :D

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NanaBeast said...

Very, very happy for you and yours. Whew!