Wednesday, March 2, 2011

stitch magnet

Funny how lucky one becomes when those around you know about your passions and interests. So many beauties have come my way in the last few years all because I have not kept my love for embroidery a secret and because I have such thoughtful and kind friends and family. So these two estate sale scores came to be by way of some friends of my in-laws who happen to live here in the twin cities. They are estate sale pros and were even nice enough to share some shopping secrets with Vince and I for when we get brave enough to start venturing into that realm. I think I've mentioned before how estate sales kind of give me the creeps even though everyone says that is where the good stuff is. So, they found these at a recent sale and they sent them my way - aren't they beautiful??
Also, when my in-laws were up visiting in February they brought along this gem:
It had been in Vince's grandmother's home but it was something she decided to part with when she recently moved to a nursing home. A local woman had stitched it and now here it is hundreds of miles away in our home. I love that we know some of the history behind it and that it was something that Vince's grandmother loved as well. But mostly I love it because we all can't help but feel a little sentimental about Nebraska now that we live so far away. This reminds us of family and friends there and all the other great things about that state.
So, where are all the things I have stitched lately? *sigh*
I'm so disappointed to say that I have missed a very cool opportunity lately. I really wanted to participate in this show curated by Mr. X Stitch himself but just could not get something done in time. I started something and decided I hated it and by then it was too late to start over. So, I'm kicking myself for that.
Also, I had a pattern set that I was working on that I have recently scrapped as well. It just wasn't working out and I decided to cut it loose. It was chock full of flowers and as I forced myself to work on it I decided I might just be 'all flowered out' at the moment. Usually if something is 'working' I don't have to force myself to do it - I can't wait to work on it any chance I have. But that wasn't the case with this one which is how I knew to stop.
Fortunately another pattern idea sprouted up behind it and it is one of those 'can't wait to stitch this' projects. It's been a slow, but fun, go so hopefully I will have that ready sometime in March (fingers crossed).
Another fun project reveals itself here this week so stay tuned!


Glenda said...

Oh, I *love* those two estate sale finds!!! Beautiful stitching.

How neat to have been gifted care, custody, and control of the Nebraska needlework that belonged to your grandmother-in-law. It's wonderful to get needlework passed along that way.

I, too, wanted to participate in that show, but couldn't pull together a concrete idea quickly enough to get it executed in a timely manner. Maybe next time!

Looking forward to your upcoming pattern =).

Corinne said...

Glenda I feel better knowing that you were in the same boat with that show :) I really mangaged to work myself into a tizzy about it because I so wanted to participate. Then I put so much pressure on myself to come up with the "perfect" design and we all know how that usually turns out. I wish I could at least see the show because I know there will be so many great entries!