Friday, April 29, 2011

raise your hand if...

you watched it. I should be honest and confess that I did not see ALL of the royal wedding live but I saw a good chunk of it live and the rest in replays. What did you think??

I am a sucker for weddings as I have probably mentioned once or twice. And, while I hate to date myself, I do remember when Charles and Diana were married and when William and Harry were both born so... considering all of that, how could I NOT pay attention to this event?

I thought the dress was perfect. I'm biased I suppose because I think Kate Middleton is so beautiful and she would look great in anything. She's got that 'special' pretty to her. The pretty that was pretty 100 years ago, it will still be pretty in 100 more years, she was probably a cute kid and will be beautiful when she's old. Oh, and I'm sure she's quite nice as well.

This was a fun way to end what has been a challenging week so "Cheers!" to that!

Monday, April 25, 2011

hello spring!

Just stopping by today to share a few photos from our first family hike of 2011. There was a whole lot of brown, quite a bit of water and then...
tiny exclamation marks scattered everywhere shouting "I'm HERE!"

Everything had to be examined and inspected thoroughly but I assure you it all checked out.
And yes, there have been flooding issues in these parts but we refused to let that stop us. I didn't fully realized how much I missed adventures like this one until I was out on the trail. Now I want to spend all my time there and none of the boys would argue with that I'm sure. I'm not sure mud and embroidery floss would make a good mix so I guess I had better pace myself.
How have you been re-connecting with the great outdoors lately?

Friday, April 22, 2011

i do believe we are done

And so it seems we have closed on our house in Omaha. I can't accurately describe the relief that comes with that but believe me, it's huge. It means we can start to look ahead. It means perhaps my husband can let go of the second job that kept him away from us so many nights but, at the same time, saved us. Both of these things make me giddy.

I will say that those hydrangeas up there will be missed! And even though it's none of my business anymore, I do hope the new owners don't dig them up and get rid of them.

We had a few small snags there at the end at the fault of our ever-unreliable bank. It probably wouldn't be right for me to tell you it's name but if you threw a "T" in the middle of their initials it would be "WTF". Thankfully things got squared away in time though not without my sons having to hear me use the "f" word. Sorry guys!

Anyway, I am a happy little bird today and I'm feeling much lighter! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

trial and error

I'm feeling brave today and sharing what has turned out to be a somewhat frustrating exercise. I am attempting to learn how to do shisha embroidery. But, I am feeling very much like the old dog incapable of learning this new trick. 
These little samples are all that's left after so much tearing out and tossing away. They aren't perfect or even close (the poor yellow guy had to be abandoned after my mirror started to fall out!) but they are a start. Vince asked me why I am bothering and I said "because it's hard". Ever feel that way? It's not even THAT hard, it's just new is all. And, I must say, it feels good to stretch myself a bit and try something I haven't done before. I'm not sure what I will do with this skill either. It might show up in future projects and I do have some fun ideas but I have a long way to go before I feel confident enough to put something out there.
I considered posting a photo of the snow that's falling here today but decided against it for fear of losing readers - I mean who wants to see that, right? But Adam woke up today, looked out the window and said "Yay!! It's snowing!!" And he said it with that squeal in his voice that kids have when they see the first snow of the season. So, I'm keeping that happiness and enthusiasm in my head today and I swear I won't be grumpy about the weather!

Friday, April 15, 2011

all good things must end

We waited and waited and waited for months for Mad Men season 4 to make it's way to Netflix and finally it did. We've been watching voraciously and yesterday the FINAL disk arrived in the mail. I swear I'm so sad that I feel like watching it in tiny little 15 minute increments just to make it last longer. I don't have the willpower for that however. I still have two more episodes to watch so DON'T tell me what happens, okay?

In other endings the Shop - Stitch - Support event over at SeptemberHouse drew to a close yesterday. I'm happy to report that due to so many fantastic stitchers out there, I was able to donate over $175 to the American Red Cross. Thank you everyone who stopped by and bought a pattern in the last week!!

Another little chapter came to a close yesterday at our house when Peter said, "Mom, could you please stop putting notes in my lunch?" Apparently words have been exchanged around the lunch table about my notes especially the "ones with hearts on them". *sigh* fine then. whatever. I knew this day would come but it still isn't fun. But, the good news is that before I know it I'll have another little lunch to pack and I think a note from mom will be just fine (for a while at least).

Saturday, April 9, 2011

it's for the kids, really

I swear I didn't order a butterfly garden for myself because I love butterflies and then explain to my children that they, in fact, love butterflies as well and wanted a butterfly garden more than anything else on earth. (I mean, why would a grown adult order something for themselves from a toy catalog, right?) Of course I didn't do that, that would be weird.

Okay, so it sort of felt like I did just that but honestly, what boy doesn't want a little jar of crawlies in their room? I can hardly think of a better way to welcome Spring, can you?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

knock knock...

Hi, it's just me at your door with a fun opportunity for a very worthy cause. On Friday I'm kicking off a week long effort to raise funds for the American Red Cross. More specifically, for their efforts to aid earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan. If you have been thinking about trying a SeptemberHouse pattern please consider stopping by for this event. The entire purchase price of each pattern sold that week will be donated to the American Red Cross. I will not be subtracting the listing or paypal fees.
Also, if you are a pattern seller and are interested in joining in please let me know - the more the merrier!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

return of the long lost project

Remember this poor forgotten project?  I first posted about this grand plan I had to make a quilt for each of the boys almost a year ago. I actually made some pretty good progress on it until Summer hit. Then once we found out about the move, this WIP was nearly the first thing to get packed up and just about the last thing to get unpacked.

I started to look over what I had yesterday and found that I was actually a bit farther along than I thought and there is nothing more motivating than that. Oh, that and the fact that Adam's feet stick out from under his long-outgrown blanket. So I am back on the wagon and am excited about seeing these get closer to being done.

Apparently the folks at blogger have been busy bees making changes and updates. This is my first post since then. What does everyone else on blogger think so far? Better or worse? Does this mean they will stop changing the orientation of my photos and maybe even let me move them around? Because that would be awesome.