Friday, April 29, 2011

raise your hand if...

you watched it. I should be honest and confess that I did not see ALL of the royal wedding live but I saw a good chunk of it live and the rest in replays. What did you think??

I am a sucker for weddings as I have probably mentioned once or twice. And, while I hate to date myself, I do remember when Charles and Diana were married and when William and Harry were both born so... considering all of that, how could I NOT pay attention to this event?

I thought the dress was perfect. I'm biased I suppose because I think Kate Middleton is so beautiful and she would look great in anything. She's got that 'special' pretty to her. The pretty that was pretty 100 years ago, it will still be pretty in 100 more years, she was probably a cute kid and will be beautiful when she's old. Oh, and I'm sure she's quite nice as well.

This was a fun way to end what has been a challenging week so "Cheers!" to that!


Jen said...

Raising my hand too. Watching my PVRd version right now.

trash said...

*rasies hand*

SewAmy said...

I watched a about an hour of it. Loved what I saw. Love her dress and think she is so beautiful too.

Glenda said...

::: raising hand :::

LOVED IT!!! My favorite part was when William & Harry were walking up the aisle together -- such handsome men, and brothers who obviously are very great friends to each other. I also loved when Kate was walking up the aisle and Harry turned around and saw her and got the biggest grin on his face -- he seemed genuinely happy to see the marriage happen. Such a nice change for the Royal Family, this marriage of William + Kate.

I thought Kate's gown was pretty; not what I expected (I expected a sheath), but pretty. I thought her sister's gown was GORGEOUS.