Saturday, April 2, 2011

return of the long lost project

Remember this poor forgotten project?  I first posted about this grand plan I had to make a quilt for each of the boys almost a year ago. I actually made some pretty good progress on it until Summer hit. Then once we found out about the move, this WIP was nearly the first thing to get packed up and just about the last thing to get unpacked.

I started to look over what I had yesterday and found that I was actually a bit farther along than I thought and there is nothing more motivating than that. Oh, that and the fact that Adam's feet stick out from under his long-outgrown blanket. So I am back on the wagon and am excited about seeing these get closer to being done.

Apparently the folks at blogger have been busy bees making changes and updates. This is my first post since then. What does everyone else on blogger think so far? Better or worse? Does this mean they will stop changing the orientation of my photos and maybe even let me move them around? Because that would be awesome.

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Sarah said...

I love those prints - perfect for little boy quilts!