Tuesday, May 31, 2011

home stretch

Okay, I'm gearing up again after the holiday weekend. My new tutorial is almost - but not quite ready. I think it will make it's appearance tomorrow.

My holiday weekend was full of ups and downs and I think I'll just sum it up with these statements:

Rain gets old
Parenting is hard
Onion rings are awesome
Free fun is especially fun
Etsy is mysterious
Ice cream won't solve your problems but it really can make you feel better, at least for a short while

Profound, I know.

How would you sum up your holiday weekend?


Hope said...

Tybee Island, Georgia, is beautiful.
Beer is good.
Sleep is good.
Driving alone is not so good.
Finding time to read and hang out with friends is excellent.

Sounds like you had a great time!!


emdot said...

The truth is always profound, no matter how simple. And all your statements and true. I wish the "while" lasted a bit longer, though, with the ice cream.

emdot said...

(are true, not and true. i really need to start proofreading.)