Friday, May 13, 2011

they grow up so fast, don't they?

Remember these guys? They weren't the cutest kids but they grew up to be pretty little adults.
We ended up getting four out of five to make to butterfly stage although one butterfly was never quite 'right' and never ended up flying away, poor thing.
This is the closest thing we have had to a pet for a long time and is about as close as I am ready to come at this point. I know all the boys in the house (especially the 37 year old one) have puppy dreams but can you imagine how much fun a puppy would have with a box of embroidery floss? I'm not willing to risk it just yet.


Katie said...

In defense of dogs (I have two), they can learn to play with only things you give them if you reinforce it. Aside from a cheap pair of flip flops, my dogs have yet to destroy anything of mine. It's been 4 years!

It also helps that when my boyfriend and I are not home, they are kenneled.

Vixie said...

I would love to have butterflies as pets, so pretty! I have a kitten, and although she loves sitting in my studio when I work, she is very good about not going into boxes of yarn or eating sequins or anything. As long as she had a shoebox to play in, she's happy!

Anonymous said...

My two girls and I raised butterflies last year with the same 4/5 results. I loved that they had the full experience of raising them from caterpillars and then releasing them into the blue sky. I'm with you on short-cycle, low maintenance pets. I know so many people who own and love their dogs, but with all of the rain this part of the country has been having I'm grateful that I don't have to don my galoshes and lead a persnickety pup out to poop.