Wednesday, June 29, 2011

boyfest 2011

Boys and flowers do mix - who knew? We happily hosted out-of-town guests this past weekend when my parents and three of my nephews came for a visit. You kind of have to see the Conservatory if you are in Saint Paul so we did make a stop on Saturday. Besides, there is also a zoo there so there is really something for everyone.
You really can't help but ooooh and ahh over the flowers even if you are a 3 - 12 year old boy. Lillies taller than your kid I tell ya! Beautiful! I admit it was just a tad hectic from time to time and reigning in the excitement of five boys was occasionally a challenge but we managed and I think everyone had fun. There was so much more we wanted to show them but didn't have time on this visit.

After the major clean-up effort it was back to work for everyone including me. I attended a great Tech Tuesday seminar at the Textile Arts Center last night called the Business Side of Business. I have used the "'creative people and numbers just don't mix" excuse long enough and am determined to get a grip on some ins and outs that I have been ignoring. I highly recommend doing this from the start - not waiting until your business is up and running. Oh well, now I know. I'm sure I'll get all my proper forms filled out just in time for the predicted government shut down. OR perhaps the budget will get hashed out just in the nick of time, one never knows. Wish us luck!

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