Tuesday, June 14, 2011


One thing I love about stitching up calendar samples each year is that I get to try out some embroidery patterns and techniques that I have wanted to try but never found the time or the right project. I always feel like it's okay for me to experiment with these and have fun. So, for another panel project I used a pattern that is actually designed for stained glass but I turned it into an embroidery/applique project instead (no lead or nasty glass cuts here - whew!)
I picked up this little book from the library. I really fell for some of the complex patterns but sternly told myself to pick a simple one this time so that I wouldn't be stitching until January 2012.
First I scanned my pattern and re-sized it to fit. I printed it out and decided which parts I wanted to turn into an applique. For those parts I traced the outline (in reverse - I just turned the paper printout over and could still see it when I held it up to the window) onto a piece of wonder under.
Next I ironed my wonder-undered applique pieces onto my fabric and cut them out.
 I then traced the pattern onto a piece of tear away stablilizer.
This next part was a little tricky but I used my traced pattern as a guide and positioned my applique pieces underneath. I don't enjoy this part but there's no getting around it. When they were all in place I ironed them on and pinned my stabilizer on top. Then it was stitch stitch stitch, tear, tear, tear and done!

So now I have something new in my embroidery bag of tricks and will perhaps even tackle one of those beautifully detailed window designs one day! For now though, I'm off to go pick up my son from his very last day of school. I have a THIRD grader now - wow!!


Betsy said...

Oh wow! I used to do stained glass, but now I have little kids around and it just doesn't fit with my life right now. But embroidered stained glass - now that's just perfect!

Jody McDowell said...

stitching stained glass patterns is brilliant idea!

Tonya said...

I have made a quilt from a stained glass book before. It was a hard design and I didn't do so well. I enlarged the thing to huge...large wallhanging size. Then I fused them down as you did, and did raw edge applique. I chose a bright color for the background that would really show up well. And left the space (black lines) between the pictures.

I never got it finished but I want to try it doing hand applique I think. I never knew to use stabilizer in the back back then and so much machine work made it wrinkly.