Tuesday, June 21, 2011

welcome summer

The boys at Dodge Nature Center
It's officially here - Summer!! Do you all have plans for this longest day of the year? We're starting out raining and cool but who knows - perhaps the sun will make an appearance for the event.

All I've got to share today is a small roundup of Summer plans. A few of them are crafty but many are not. Most of the Summer is up in the air and that's okay with me. We're more open to adventure that way, right?

1. Reading. I always have high hopes to get a lot of reading done over the Summer. That goal isn't always met but I do have fun trying. I'm waiting for my turn for a book at the library right now and am having a hard time being patient. It would probably be a good time to scope out some other good reads for the months ahead. Speaking of which - who is on GoodReads? I am. I'm always looking for reading suggestions so if you are over there too look me up!

2. Travel. Ummmm, probably not so much this year. What I have it my head to do this Summer, though, is to try to learn my way around Minneapolis. So, most of my car time will probably be spent there. It's terrible, we lived in St. Paul years ago and I never really got a grip on the layout of Minneapolis back then and I swear it doesn't even really look that familiar to me now that we are back. It doesn't help matters that I am pretty hopeless when it comes to navigation, orientation and direction. It's bad, folks, really bad. Anyone have tips for learning your way around a new city?

3. Bike riding. Family bike rides - lots of them.

4. Quilts. Real progress has been made on the boys' quilts but it's time to really get in gear. I hope they will have something to keep their little toes warm by the Fall. Wish me luck!

5. Visitors. I think we just might have some house guests this Summer and I cannot wait!! There are plans being made by some family members and friends and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they become reality. Even more incentive for me to learn my way around the cities, right?

6. House browsing. NOT house buying - just some window shopping.

Now it's your turn - what are YOUR Summer hopes and dreams?

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Donnell said...

It's kind of old school but I learn my way around a new place best with a paper map of the city. I plot my base of operations and my favorite places and then use those as my landmarks for finding new places. I don't really carry it with me. It just helps cement those known places in my head so that I have a reference place for the new spots.