Friday, July 22, 2011

crazy quilt

Well, I dove in and started quilting one of the two quilts I have slowly been working on for, gosh, like two years now. *sigh*
I knew I needed to get a walking foot but was putting it off because I knew as soon as I had that there was really no excuse to NOT get started on the quilting. Yes, I was intimidated. But I did it - I got started. I'm just getting my toes wet with some stitch-in-the-ditch quilting so at least I have some easy lines to follow. Is it as hard as I thought it would be? Well, yes, actually, it is. I'm finding it to be extremely awkward. I also feel as though my machine just isn't big enough, the table I have it on isn't big enough and I am not big enough. The quilt, on the other hand, seems way too big.
Maybe some seasoned experts can tell me if there is anything I can do to make this process go a little smoother - or is this just one of those things that gets easier with practice? I just hope it doesn't turn out too terrible and I do value it as a learning experience. After I get these two quilts done though, I think I will stick with table runners and place mats when I want a quilting project.
Wish me luck!.

Friday, July 15, 2011

christmas in july

First I throw Fall at you and now I'm steamrolling you right into the holiday season. Sorry about that. I'll go turn off my time machine now, I promise. But before I do that I'll share my new pattern set called "Jingle Belles"
This one is all girl and it's full of dress after dress after dress. I love it when those tiny holiday dresses hit the store shelves - and that should be happening again like, next week or so, right? See, I'm not the only one rushing the holiday season!
These patterns are (hopefully) reminiscent of those gorgeous miniature gowns that always make little girls sparkle and shine during the holidays. I myself have been guilty in the past of gasping and squealing at the sight of these tiny wonders. I'm not expecting that any one will squeal at these patterns but it's my hope that they will at least bring back memories of those sweet little dresses when they see them.
 There are two sizes included - one is slightly smaller to allow room for text at the top or bottom.
And there are applique instructions and templates too. Oh and I'm not going to confirm or deny this but there is a rumor that a secret extra pattern is included but again, I couldn't say with any certainty.

As you know, I do like to step away from the boy zone here once in awhile and get back in touch with my girly side. Designing and stitching this set gave me a chance to do that and I hope other people will have as much with it as I did. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

since it's fall and all

I know, I know, I'm not ready for Fall yet either and heaven knows there are still so many more Summer days to be enjoyed. 
 But, when it came time to pick colors for some new magnets I thought I might as well work ahead and choose some Fall colors. The top one is called "Sunny October"
And this one I am calling "School Days". Can you believe I tackled my least favorite stitch for this set?? The dreaded satin stitch - yeesh!. I'm forcing myself to do a LOT of it though and I know it will one day become my best friend.

More new things to come, my needle has been hot lately!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I distinctly recall being so excited about the end of the school year. I couldn't wait to get out of a routine for awhile and to stop looking at the clock so much. I am enjoying a more laid-back course but the adjustment has not been without it's challenges. 
One of the unexpected perks has been the boys sleeping in from time to time. On a couple of occasions they slept until 9:00 which is amazing! I sort of felt like I had won the free-time lottery. The flip side of that is the later bedtime which means my 'after the kids go to bed' time has shrunk dramatically. Throw in some shift changes with Vince's work and a topsy-turvy schedule in general and I am thrown totally out of whack.
So, I've been trying to just grab those fleeting moments of creative time when I can and I try to be ready for them whenever they might pop up. There are some Christmas ornaments in the works and a new pattern set that I had hoped to have out by now but will probably make it's debut later this week. I suppose it depends on when those fleeting moments come along.

Don't you love how when I don't have anything that I have actually made to show you I just make you look at our nature walk pictures? Sorry, it's all I could come up with today!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I can't keep this library score to myself so I'm gushing here today at this amazing children's book, Me, Frida by Amy Novesky. I spied it in the 'to-be-shelved' pile and snagged it before it could be put away. If I hadn't, someone else would have because these illustrations by David Diaz are so mesmerizing. 
I'm not sure if I have mentioned it, oh surely I have, but David Diaz is my current FAVORITE children's book illustrator.
These meager photos don't even come close to doing justice to his work in print and are a hilarious joke compared to his work in real life. When I was looking through this book at home Vince looked at me and said, "Geez, Corinne, you look like you are falling in love with that book!" Oh, umm, does it show?
I'll be adding this one to my collection for sure.

Hopefully you are all having a relaxing and fun holiday weekend. We are keeping it low-key (Vince is working - boo) but we did squeeze in a round of mini golf last night. That's when we found out that 3 years old really is too young for mini golf. Oh well, it was a gorgeous evening so everyone had fun anyway.

I also baked my annual Fourth of July Apple Pie. I would have taken a beautiful photo of it to share like so many other bloggers do but to be honest we dug into that thing before I could even take my lens cap off so, who knows, maybe next year. Hope all your celebrations are just as delicious!