Friday, July 15, 2011

christmas in july

First I throw Fall at you and now I'm steamrolling you right into the holiday season. Sorry about that. I'll go turn off my time machine now, I promise. But before I do that I'll share my new pattern set called "Jingle Belles"
This one is all girl and it's full of dress after dress after dress. I love it when those tiny holiday dresses hit the store shelves - and that should be happening again like, next week or so, right? See, I'm not the only one rushing the holiday season!
These patterns are (hopefully) reminiscent of those gorgeous miniature gowns that always make little girls sparkle and shine during the holidays. I myself have been guilty in the past of gasping and squealing at the sight of these tiny wonders. I'm not expecting that any one will squeal at these patterns but it's my hope that they will at least bring back memories of those sweet little dresses when they see them.
 There are two sizes included - one is slightly smaller to allow room for text at the top or bottom.
And there are applique instructions and templates too. Oh and I'm not going to confirm or deny this but there is a rumor that a secret extra pattern is included but again, I couldn't say with any certainty.

As you know, I do like to step away from the boy zone here once in awhile and get back in touch with my girly side. Designing and stitching this set gave me a chance to do that and I hope other people will have as much with it as I did. Happy Holidays!


gina said...

these are adorable!!

Beth said...

I don't mind the Christmas stuff, and these are terrific!

Le bateau rouge said...

Wonderful! I like them and don't mind the Christmas topic either... Have a great week! Alexandra

Glenda said...

These are super adorable, Corinne! The applique really makes 'em. I especially love the poinsettia-inspired design and the elf-inspired design.