Sunday, July 3, 2011


I can't keep this library score to myself so I'm gushing here today at this amazing children's book, Me, Frida by Amy Novesky. I spied it in the 'to-be-shelved' pile and snagged it before it could be put away. If I hadn't, someone else would have because these illustrations by David Diaz are so mesmerizing. 
I'm not sure if I have mentioned it, oh surely I have, but David Diaz is my current FAVORITE children's book illustrator.
These meager photos don't even come close to doing justice to his work in print and are a hilarious joke compared to his work in real life. When I was looking through this book at home Vince looked at me and said, "Geez, Corinne, you look like you are falling in love with that book!" Oh, umm, does it show?
I'll be adding this one to my collection for sure.

Hopefully you are all having a relaxing and fun holiday weekend. We are keeping it low-key (Vince is working - boo) but we did squeeze in a round of mini golf last night. That's when we found out that 3 years old really is too young for mini golf. Oh well, it was a gorgeous evening so everyone had fun anyway.

I also baked my annual Fourth of July Apple Pie. I would have taken a beautiful photo of it to share like so many other bloggers do but to be honest we dug into that thing before I could even take my lens cap off so, who knows, maybe next year. Hope all your celebrations are just as delicious!

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