Tuesday, August 9, 2011

august is...

Christmas ornament time! Didn't you know? None of this "back to school" season stuff for me. And Halloween and Thanksgiving?? Forget about it! The bells are jingling over here even with the air conditioner blasting. I'm joking for the most part of course. I don't enjoy jumping the gun on the holidays but I know I have to do it if I want to have anything at all on the shop shelves in time.
So, these are the first of the season. Remember my trials and troubles with shisha? I really did stick with it and even though I don't yet find it to be easy, it is getting more fun. I thought it would add just the right sparkle to a Christmas ornament and I love the idea of something non-traditional on a Christmas tree.
More ornaments should be hitting the shelves in the next month or so. I am really excited about all of them!

And by the way, I have been back to school shopping recently. While I do love this particular chore (fresh crayons, new notebooks, super clean lunchboxes and backpacks - whoo hoo!!) I am glad that I only have two kids to buy for!


Glenda said...

Your shisha stitch is beautiful, Corinne! Love these ornaments.

It's been SO hot here, but my brain wants to think about Christmas, so I'm enjoying seeing your ornaments designs :-).

Hattie Hen said...

They look fantastic Corinne. You've inspired me to have another go at Shisha.

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