Tuesday, August 30, 2011

getting personal

Guess what? More ornaments. I just have two to share today. These were both designs that are meant to be personalized. The sweet little angel makes me wish I had a little girl to stitch for and the trike makes me giddy that I have a boy so I suppose it all worked out.
The streamers on the trike were an afterthought but now I think they are my favorite part. And the grown-up bike lover in the house (i.e. Vince) thinks it's pretty cool too. So, we've got something new to hang on our very own tree this year.

I will probably have to come up with one for Peter just to even things out. What do you think...a ninja or a yu-gi-oh monster?? Hmmm...tough call. I'm joking of course - I can respect the things he is into right now but they are not going to make it onto the family Christmas tree. Sorry Peter!


Natalie said...

You of all people could make a Christmas ninja work. I am sure of it... :) love that trike!

alix said...

hey cutie! stop by Modern Kiddo this afternoon, i did a little write up on your amazing pendants! (it'll go live in a few hours....)

hope all is well!!

Olya said...

Dear Corinne! May you talk more about this work? Did you use template to painted canvas? And then to stitch backstitch on the pattern? Beautifull work, I love it!