Wednesday, September 7, 2011

new beginnings

Yesterday was the big day folks - Back to School! Little Adam started preschool with great enthusiasm and excitement. That certainly made that first drop off easy for me. Yep, I think he is going to do juuuuuuust fine. Plus it's only two afternoons a week so I am pretty sure he can handle being away from me for that long - I mean, I'm cool and all but I'm not that cool. His teachers seem to be about as sweet as is humanly possible and they also seem to LOVE their jobs so what more could I really ask for?
Peter rather reluctantly started third grade. I think that will be fine too but it's so hard at that age to leave behind the sleeping in, staying up late, playing outside, riding bikes and all the other fun that Summer brings. I remember what a tough transition that was at that age and I don't envy him. On the other hand, after a Summer of spending all day with his mother and 3 yr. old brother, I think he will welcome a chance to hang with the big kids and do 8 yr. old boy stuff for a change.

And of course you know what all of this really means, don't you? That I will have about 4 hours each week completely to myself!! I'm pretty excited about that as you might guess. I had a list a mile long of things I wanted to do that first day (this post being one of them) but only got through about 3 of them. Oh well, I will have to learn to pace myself and plan realistically. It's going to be good!


Jennifer said...

third grade is a tough year. i think kids just get a little surlier when they are that age.

unlike you, i have less time now that school has started. i guess that has something to do with being a teacher?

have fun sewing!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

aahh they look so sweet in their uniforms! Yey for 'me time' :-)

Corinne said...

Jennifer you are scaring me a little bit :D

Best of luck with the new school year! said...

This can't have effect in actual fact, that's exactly what I suppose.