Thursday, October 13, 2011

lucky lady

Just a quick note today to share a little link. I am feeling like one lucky lady because Mom Inc. Daily asked me to participate in a blog feature! As you may know, the spotlight and I have a tenuous relationship but I took the leap and there I am. They are just lovely over there and the blog is exceptional. Thanks Mom Inc. Daily!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

preschool preoccupations part two

I made a promise ages ago that I would share a second little project from my preschool bag of tricks. I really didn't forget - honest! 
Do you remember these little contraptions often referred to as a 'cootie catcher' or a 'fortune teller'? We were wild about them in grade school though I am pretty sure the ones we made had boys' names scribbled inside to tell you who you would end up marrying some day in the future. The version I made with Adam is far more innocent, I promise. It's full of bright colors, numbers and happy little affirmations tucked inside. I honestly did not expect this to be as big a hit as it was but I'm tellin' you, you should see Adam's face as his 'fortune' is read to him. He LOVES it. He'll let out a squeal and say "I knew it!!" Seriously, it's about the cutest thing ever.

So I felt like I should share it here as well. You can find a printable copy right here.
After you download and print it just make one cut along the dotted line at the bottom. The photo above shows one that has been cut already. This leaves you with a square sheet of paper.
 Fold corner to corner one way.
 Unfold and then do the same thing with the opposite corners.
Open it back up and fold each corner to the center. The intersection of the first two folds appears at the very center of your square and will serve as a guide for where the four corners should meet.
 Turn it over and do the same thing again.
 You'll end up with something that looks like this on one side.
 And like this on the other.
Ease it open until it looks like this and you are ready to play!

How to play:
(If you already know this part go download your fortune teller and start playing!)
Use your thumbs ad forefingers to manipulate your fortune teller in one of two ways:
like this:
 or shift to this:
We start with me holding the fortune teller closed and I ask Adam to choose a color (you could also ask players to choose a shape instead). He picks one of the four and I shift the fortune teller in opposite ways as I say each letter aloud. (i.e. open it to the blue and green numbers and say "B", shift it to the yellow and red numbers and say "L") and so on until the word "Blue" is spelled. We would end up with the fortune teller open to the red and yellow numbers. Then he would pick one of those numbers. I would shift the fortune teller again as I counted up to the number he chose. Finally when the counting is done he chooses one more number. I then open up the fortune teller to reveal the words or 'fortune' underneath.

I have started tucking one of these in my pocket for those 'waiting around' moments when you have to keep a little one occupied while you wait in line at the grocery store or have to do something equally mundane. It really comes in handy!


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