Friday, November 11, 2011

feathered family

Hello from the testing lab. I've been doing a bit of experimenting here and there and am trying to make sense of the results. This little bird family ornament is variation of a few designs I have done for ornaments in the past. I wanted to try it out in some muted colors this time. I am usually a fan of non-traditional colors for the holidays but ... I don't know, these almost seem too pastel to me. It's starting to look more like and Easter ornament than a Christmas ornament!

I'm also playing around with different backgrounds for my photos as well as different places in the house to take photos. I wanted to try a white background but I can tell I need some more practice. I still haven't found the perfect window to use for my tiny little photo studio but by golly I am going to try every single one until I figure it out.

My next photography project for today is to try to get a good shot of the boys for a Christmas card photo. I expect that will be a bigger challenge than changing up my background color. First, I'm making brownies though, I'll need to have some chocolately incentives on hand!


CaLynn said...

Easter or Christmas, I love this! Where did you get the fabric, or did you screen print it yourself?

Jodie said...

I love this, but would also love to see it in different colors. I don't dislike these, but would be fun to see something more holiday, more neutral.

We are becoming a family of three before x-mas this year (Due Dec. 12th!) so I wish I could make this for our tree!

Glenda said...

That's pretty, Corinne. I agree with CaLynn, it'd be pretty for Easter or Christmas.

Being the fan of ribbon-wrapping the hoop that I am ;-), a deep-valued burgandy or green ribbon wrapped around that outer hoop might nudge this a little closer to what you're wanting for a Christmas ornament.

Have fun working on the Christmas card photo (I'm being serious, not sarcastic!). One of my favorite things to do each holiday season is to choose photos from throughout the current year for our holiday photo postcard :-).

MerryWA said...

This is just beautiful.

Corinne said...

Thanks everyone :) I think I might still play around with this one and see what happens but at this point. I'm guessing it will turn up again NEXT holiday season.
CaLynn - I did not screen print this fabric but man, that would be cool if I did - I would love to learn how to do that. Have you ever used Spoonflower? ( They custom print fabric from your digital files/designs. Not QUITE as cool as screnn printing but pretty darn awesome!

Hattie Hen said...

Beautiful design and I like these shades. Red and green gets a little tired, but as you say, hard to emulate a Christmas feel with other colours. I love this piece.
Well done.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I think they are wonderful! {any time of year!)

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

So cute! I'm not a fan of pastels but it works.