Thursday, November 3, 2011

i, corinne, do hereby pledge...

...that I will try to be a better blogger. October was my WORST month ever for blogging. But it's a new month and I am freshly fueled by pounds of Halloween candy and guilt. I would love to share the holiday season with you all if you will still have me.

How was your October? Mine was a bit of a rollercoaster. Lots of good with some bad thrown in the mix too. In the good category was a visit from my sisters (all three at once!) The four of us are in three different cities and we all have kids so get-togethers can be tricky. I am so thrilled they made the journey though! Vince and I also marked our 12th anniversary. I'm still not sure what kind of awesome karma I racked up in a previous life to deserve a husband like him but it must have been amazing. Seriously, I think I hit the jackpot here folks.

In the crafting realm there are ornaments and ornaments and oh, did I mention ornaments? I love this time of year, really I do. I'm settling into the pace a little more and before you know it *poof* it will be January so I'm going to just enjoy it while I can. I would LOVE to have a free pattern, a tutorial AND a giveaway on So September ALL before Christmas. It probably would not be wise of me to make any promises but you should know that that is indeed my goal. So, crank up the Johnny Mathis, Bing Crosby and Andy Williams everyone - it's time to falala.

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Hattie Hen said...

Hi Corinne,
Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, we celebrated our 12th anniversary in October too. Way back in 1999, I thought we'd better get married before the millenium bug zapped us all!

I would love to see a free pattern tutorial on your fabulous blog, but if it doesn't happen, then don't worry, it's such a busy time of year!
I finished another of your patterns this week! SO happy with the result (the "Book smart" one)I'm making a diary cover and giving it to my son's library teacher.
Best regards
Sandra F.