Saturday, December 24, 2011

ghost of christmas past part 3!

You know how it goes - you do something two times and suddenly it becomes a tradition. The last two years I posted a photo of my dear sisters and I when we were little girls at Christmas time. This year I am doing that again but the embroidered version.
These were made at the request of my sisters for our parents. I love that the last snow angels of the season are for them. I actually do remember so many Winters full of snow play including many snow angels with 'the girls'. Those memories made stitching these even more fun for me but made me miss my sisters at the same time. I hoped to get a few more handmade gifts made this year but...oh well, that holds true every year I'm afraid (doesn't every creative person feel that way?).

This holiday season I have also been thinking so much about all the lovely people that have come into my life via my Etsy shop and my blog and I am so very grateful. You all make the holidays and everyday so happy for me - thank you!
I wish you all a magical holiday!


Michelle said...

Those are wonderful!

Hattie Hen said...

Oh they are absolutely beautiful! I'll bet your parents LOVED them and will always treasure them.

You're right, I would have liked to have made a few more handmade gifts this year, but I am quite proud of what I achieved. I'm already making a mental list of next year's gifts!
As you know, I sure love your Etsy store and blog. Looking forward to sharing crafty moments with you in 2012.
Best regards, Sandra.

Glenda said...

These are so lovely, Corinne -- what a truly special gift for your parents :-).

I always enjoy seeing what your creative brain has come up with, so thank YOU for that!!

Happy holidays.

Shayla Sharp said...

These are so adorable--what a special way to share a memory!