Tuesday, December 20, 2011

office christmas party

our "Our First Christmas" ornament given to us on our wedding day
I'm revealing yet another secret here today on So September. This one is about a little something that just might be my favorite holiday tradition at our house. And I don't just say that because I thought this up myself, oh no. Although, I do pat myself on the back every now and then when I think about this. I like to call it the 'Office Christmas Party". As you know, I do not work in an office so such festivities aren't usually a part of my holiday plans. But I do work pretty hard and I do have a 'co-worker' of sorts in my dear husband and I really felt like we needed a little break during this crazy time of year to just step back and have a night to ourselves. It's sort of a holiday season date night you could say.
In years past I have even surprised Vince by just showing up at the end of the workday and announcing that it's "Office Christmas Party" night. I highly recommend that approach and I guarantee you will win some points with it. Other years it has been as simple as having dinner by ourselves in our very own dining room. Either way it has always been special and one of the things I look forward to most during the holiday season. I am so grateful to have had a chance to celebrate O.C.P. 2011 last weekend with my awesome husband who always makes the holidays merry and bright!

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Cami said...

Such a fun idea, and such a beautiful ornament. Truly a treasure. The 'first christmas ornament' in our house is very cheesy, and some years I hide it in the back of the tree- Ha! This one, I'd prolly hang on my bulletin board all year long =)