Saturday, December 31, 2011


I love putting the tree up and I really love taking the tree down. Some of my family members prefer to NOT pull the plug on Christmas on the 26th but I am not one of them. For their sake I do my best to be patient and let the tree stay for a few days after Christmas but I admit to plucking ornaments off here and there during that time. Finally on New Year's Eve I can get it all packed up without feeling guilty. Starting the new year off with a house that feels a little empty after all the decorations are gone seems right to me. It feels like a clean slate and I like that.

2011, you were good to me and my family - thanks for being so cool even if you were a little nutty from time to time. 2012, we haven't met yet but I am hoping we will have a great relationship! See you very soon!

P.S. I thought I would quickly give a report on how I did on my resolution from last year. I do believe I wore lipstick approximately 6 times so I think that qualifies as success, right??

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SweetCultivator said...

So true! Come the 26th I am itching to clear out all the Christmas stuff and clean out for the new year. "New Year's Cleaning"...why wait til spring.