Friday, February 24, 2012

the answer man

Meet my new advisor. He's only a couple of inches tall but that's okay - it just makes him more portable. The boys and I were having some random craft time last week - you know, time where you just get out a bunch of supplies and have at it. It's totally fun if you can deal with the mess. Anyway, that's when this guy emerged from a blob of polymer clay - and a wee bit of wire.

It was a week full of questions that I was so hoping could be answered somehow even if it meant I had to make my own answer man. Most of my questions stemmed from a blog post I read late last week. I have read so many blogs with varying degrees of regularity over the years. There is one that I started reading way back before Peter was even born and I tend to just 'check in' every few months to see what's new there. When you read and follow someone's life for that long - watch them through their struggles and their successes, the births of their children etc. etc., you tend to grow attached as you all may know. So, last week I decided to check in only to find to my horror that she lost her husband suddenly and tragically last Summer. I nearly fell out of my chair as I read it. It's still so hard to believe. So often reading through blogs feels like you just skim the pretty surface of life. The 'real' stuff doesn't rear it's ugly head very often in that realm. When 'real' life happens - as it always does - that is so often when bloggers retreat and regroup - and I am guilty of that myself. This was a reality so rare that I could hardly recognize it as real at all. It almost felt like I was reading the sad chapter about a beloved character in a book.

That's when the questions started. You feel like you want to somehow help this person who you don't really even know. To crawl out of the woodwork (is there wood in cyberspace?) and approach this person that you have just been watching for years seems weird - to not say anything to this person you feel like you know seems weird as well. These 'relationships' are unlike anything in real life and I am so confused about how to handle myself within them. How can a one sided conversation still be so intimate? Part of it is in her writing. She really doesn't hold back and is willing to share thoughts and feelings of all kind and degrees. I think it's so very brave and it's A) what makes her blog so readable and interesting and B) What makes my heart break into pieces when I read about what she is going through.

So far the answer man has been pretty quiet. He has no answers about what a blog really should be, how to define the different kinds of online relationships we develop, how we express humanity through a medium that seems like the opposite of that. My only conclusion at this point is that if you do put yourself out there and are brave enough to share the painfully real moments of your life online you can be sure that there are people - quiet and invisible as they might be - who are moved by your experience, inspired by your bravery and last but not least, rooting for you.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

they're baaaaaaccckkkk

Remember the quilt project? 
Two twin sized quilts (one for each of the boys) in blues and greens...a project I started oh, I don't know, 2+ years ago?
They are back on the scene and I swear they will get done. If it kills me (and it just might) they WILL get done. My current strategy involves just leaving them out and vowing to not put my sewing machine away until they are done. Two quilts and a sewing machine tend to take up a lot of real estate so it can be quite motivating. Plus, as soon as that machine gets tucked away it's easy to take a big project like this completely off your radar screen so I know I can't let that happen again. I'm also giving myself some intense guilt trips and while that isn't healthy, it does work.
I have come to realize that this project was probably more than I bargained for and if I had to do it over again I probably wouldn't. Plus, if they were turning out to be super cute I would most likely be more motivated but the fact of the matter is that I'm just not that good at this. It won't stop me from tackling another quilt project I'm sure but not something of this scale. The next time I post about these quilts it will be to tell you that they are complete!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

it's never to early show a wee bit of Irish pride. Maybe I should have waited until Valentine's Day was over - but...well, I didn't. I went ahead and stitched up two little affectionately Irish pendants for the shop. And, I have already dug out my U2 cd's and have been giving those a work out lately as well. Wait, let's just be honest here folks - most of my U2 is on vinyl or cassette but what I do have on cd is getting a lot of play over here these days. (btw - anyone else go through a U2 phase? I was bitten by the U2 bug HARD - still think they are incredible!)   
Before I reveal myself to be the dinosaur that I am any further I will steer us back to the topic of my Irish heritage and how much I love this time of year. Because St. Patrick's Day falls oh-so-close to the birth of Springtime, I love it even more.
So, why wait until March 17th? I'm going to start right now. I have lot to celebrate for I have been one lucky lass!