Tuesday, February 7, 2012

it's never to early

...to show a wee bit of Irish pride. Maybe I should have waited until Valentine's Day was over - but...well, I didn't. I went ahead and stitched up two little affectionately Irish pendants for the shop. And, I have already dug out my U2 cd's and have been giving those a work out lately as well. Wait, let's just be honest here folks - most of my U2 is on vinyl or cassette but what I do have on cd is getting a lot of play over here these days. (btw - anyone else go through a U2 phase? I was bitten by the U2 bug HARD - still think they are incredible!)   
Before I reveal myself to be the dinosaur that I am any further I will steer us back to the topic of my Irish heritage and how much I love this time of year. Because St. Patrick's Day falls oh-so-close to the birth of Springtime, I love it even more.
So, why wait until March 17th? I'm going to start right now. I have lot to celebrate for I have been one lucky lass!


lisa said...

I, too, was bitten by the U2 bug. It was mainly because I had a huge crush on a boy who liked them, but I still think they are pretty great!

The AfterCraft said...


Miss Holly said...

Boy... do you ever do beautiful work!!!

AmyJ said...

I went to see U2 in Moncton, NB this summer with my dad. I wasn't a real big fan before then, but the tix were free so whatever, right? Well, 18 hours in the rain crammed in with 100,000 people later and I LOVE U2! Fabulous show, awesome band.

Nice necklaces, too ;o)

abercrombie said...
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Corinne Monique said...

These are so sweet!! love all of your creations :)

Erin Go Braugh! haha

Corinne xo