Monday, March 12, 2012

my younger man catches up

I meant to get a post done yesterday before the birthday fun began but it just didn't happen. We got swept up celebrating Vince's birthday. He catches up with me every year after my 6 month stint as the oldest family member. And yes, this is an old photo from when Adam was just a wee one, but I thought it was cute.
How unfair to have an hour of your birthday taken from you in the Daylight Savings Time nonsense, right? Oh well, I think what he lost in time he made up for in weather as we had a gorgeous 67 degree sunny day. I mean, that's pretty much perfect in my book. It gave us a chance to have a glimpse into what the warmer days in this new house will bring - open windows, kids running in and out, tree climbing and the smell of the grill heating up. Awesome. All of that was completely out of my control yet I think it was what made the day so special for Vince. I couldn't have planned a better celebration.


Denise Russell said...
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Denise Russell said...

Let me try this again: your post makes me feel like being at the party! Love your posts and all your creative work. :-)