Friday, March 9, 2012

still here

No, I'm not still brooding about my blog comment spam, I promise. I am just in one of those phases where my brain is going in a hundred different directions is all. I am slowly slowly slowly working my way through a new pattern set. I have been stitching up examples (I love that part) and here is the color scheme:

Not my usual palette I know but I actually am loving it. It reminds a little of my fiesta ware which always makes me happy of course.
Additionally there has been a case of the 'blahs' running through our household. It might be due in part to the fact that at least one person in our family has been sick everyday for the past three weeks. Nothing major and no doctor's visits or anything like that - just the late season ick I guess. It has made us a little cranky.
What we really need is some GREEN! I did drag the family to a garden center last weekend just to smell the dirt and dream. I know I felt better after that and I hope everyone else did too. I especially swooned over the display of tiny little fairy worlds that you can create with various ground covers, ferns and mosses. Have you seen these? They sell little houses, furniture and more that you can add to your tiny world (of course) but I promise I didn't whip out a credit card (although I wanted to). I may have to look into the possibilities a little more because I could totally get into that.
Anyway, don't give up on me folks, I promise to get my blogging act together!


Glenda said...

Bummer about the sick ick :(. I'm glad it's been nothing doctor-visit-worthy.

The fairy worlds in that first link are adorable!! Yes, I could totally get into creating something like that . . . ;-).

Come visit me in Texas next week -- it'll be back into the 80's and we've already had to mow several times!

Corinne said...

I shouldn't complain because we have had such a mild winter BUT - I don't think I even remember what 80 degrees feels like. It sure sounds good though! :)