Tuesday, April 17, 2012

miracles do happen

They're done!
I managed to finish the first one a few weeks ago but wanted to keep my word and not make a peep about it here until they were both complete. A few more weeks of procrastinating and distraction followed. Then, bound and determined, I got myself back in gear last week and stitched my last stitch yesterday afternoon!
What a relief!! I seriously thought that this might be a project that I never finished but would haunt me with guilt for the rest of my days. I actually have a project like that buried deep in a closet that will probably never get done yet I will continue to keep it with me (I started it about 10 years ago!). I'll no doubt be bringing it with me to the nursing home one day. Gladly - these will not be going along!

How do the boys feel about them? Well, Adam still wants he way-too-small fleece blanket and doesn't have too much interest yet in this. Also, even though I made the green for Adam and the blue for Peter, they both have their eyes on the blue one. Personally I like the blue one better too - there is more contrast in the colors so it's more eye catching.

Yes, this project caused me a lot of grief but seeing them cuddled up in these quilts does make it seem worthwhile. I am able to look past all the puckers, tucks, bad fabric choices and crooked stitches that this novice quilter was unable to avoid and see the bigger picture.

So, what's next? I have another catch-up project for the boys that I will have to share in another post but that will be getting the green light now. I am stepping back from SeptemberHouse just  a bit as well to do some re-assessing there and to finally get some things done that have been pushed aside for so long. (like say a pair of quilts or maybe that letter to my friend Glenda that I started months and months ago - it's coming Glenda I SWEAR!).

I'm trying out a new embroidery product too and will be sharing my experience here at SoSeptember so stop back for that. If it works well I am going to be soooo happy!


Mary Ann said...

Good for you! I really like the colours that you have chosen. Very soothing and cuddly:)

Glenda said...

What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment!! I love the colors/fabrics that are shown in the picture, Corinne =).

Looking forward to seeing what you're working on next for the boys, and the new embroidery project.