Thursday, April 5, 2012

spring break

I've been on Spring Break, can you tell? Seems I have been doing everything BUT crafting lately. Spring does that to a person I think. I'm sharing a little something from my seasonal soundtrack. It's an oldie but a goodie! Surely I'm not the only one with season-song associations, right? What is your Spring song?
Remind me to share my summer song with you in a few months - I move all the way up to the nineties with that one!

Spring cleaning fever has hit HARD lately and I am doing my best to go with that flow before it fizzles out. I started using an online 'guide' so to speak and I have to say I love it! Yes, it is embarrassing to me that someone has to tell me how and what to clean in order for me to get it done but, hey, it's working so who cares? All the daily tasks are very manageable and it really does help to keep things under control. It also prompts you to tackle those icky jobs that I for one would probably never do until I had to, say, sell a house or something like that. My goal of course with this house is to be ready to sell it at any moment. I'm kidding of course but I have lived through two unexpected and rushed moves so I tend to keep these things in the back of my mind.

One other thing I crossed off the perpetual 'to-do' list this Spring sounds pretty boring but I am actually pretty darn happy about it. We finally managed to make the tedious and daunting task of switching from our megabank to a kinder gentler credit union! It was not unlike trying to move an entire household using only a Volkswagen beetle. Slow and a little scary - but so worth it. Yea!

I realize I could hardly be any more boring these days so perhaps I should stay away from the blogging but I miss you guys and wanted to at least stop on and say 'hello'.

I promise to get back to making after I work through some roadblocks there - hopefully soon!


tea and cake said...

I'm glad you posted! I do love your blog.

Teslagrl said...

No, not boring! Love your blog.