Wednesday, May 30, 2012

about being out and about

I know May is notorious for being kind of a crazy month but I suspect that mostly pertains to people with graduations and weddings going on at that time as they often do. For some reason even though there is nothing like that here, May has still been a little nutty. I always pick a few projects that I want to squeeze in before school ends - some of those goals are realistic and motivating - others are just me living in la-la land and trying to fool myself. At least I aim high though, right? There is one BIG one that I hope I'll be able to share at the end of the week though.
We have tried to fit in a bit of leisure time here and there as well. On Monday evening we ventured out to a  lovely Minneapolis landmark, the Stone Arch Bridge (beautifully rendered here and here). For reasons I can't understand or explain, neither Vince nor I had ever been even though it's a very short drive away and it's so neat. There are still dozens of cool places here that I have yet to see. It's both exciting and embarrassing to think about. Do you still have unexplored spots in your city?
Other adventures this month have been school centered. Yesterday was Adam's very first field trip. So the afternoon was spent exploring the zoo with 9 four year olds, two saints teachers and picture-taking parents like me doing our best to capture the cuteness and craziness. Trying to get a group shot was downright comical as you can see I'm sure. What a fun time though and I am so happy I got to share that 'first' with Adam.

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Anonymous said...

Lots of mixed emotions happening in that group photo! A couple kiddos look like they were Done. With. It. Four years old is such a neat age (but, then, I think they're ALL neat ages -- some just allow for more parental sleep in one block of time than others!).

We're on our 19th year in our current city, which is the longest stretch of time either of us have lived in one city. I know there are definitely spots we haven't explored here. When our son was Adam's age, we lived in an apartment, so went and did more exploring than we do now (now that we have our own backyard, and Nana-with-a-pool lives only blocks away!) -- we discovered some neat places during "the apartment years". You guys have fun continuing to find unexplored spots in your city!!