Monday, May 21, 2012

about face[book]

I know what i said - I said I was quitting Facebook - and I did, I really did. But, as so many do, I am making a return visit. I thought it was only right for me to share that. After all, you might one day see that SeptemberHouse name over there and think, "hey! didn't she say......".

This time I am going about it a different way - the way I should have done it in the first place. I do have a business page where I can post updates and announcements. BUT I don't have a profile page open so that will help me resist the temptation to get caught up in the time suck vortex that is Facebookland. As you may know about me already, my strategy for temptation is not to become a stronger person and model of willpower and mental fortitude - oh no - it's just to accept my weakness and eliminate any opportunity what so ever to show exactly how weak I am.

The thing about Facebook is that it is so hard to keep business and personal separate there. And perhaps to be effective, you aren't really supposed to do that - after all, it can be seen as a chance for customers to get to know you better and for your friends to spread the word about your business. I have a hard time with that though. My blog is where people can get to know me. I know not everyone wants to read through blogs when they can just see everything on Facebook and I get that too. So I do struggle with what I am 'supposed' to do there. I guess I will try to figure it out as I go - that's been my business philosophy so far anyway, right?

So why go back at all? Well, I really am working hard these days on figuring out a plan for SeptemberHouse (a novel idea seeing as it's 4 years old, right?). Part of that means developing an identity outside of Etsy - especially in light of  some of their recent business decisions. It just seems like a smart thing to do and I know that I would be foolish to not add Facebook into that equation.

All that being said, you can find be here - believe it or not.  Corinne covers her face and slinks away very quietly.


SewAmy said...

Welcome back. I love facebook. I leave far from all my family and facebook lets me keep up with them everyday. It is like I am right there with them in everything they do.

Glenda said...

I far prefer blogs to Facebook, because blogs allow you to tell a story...and that story can be as short or as long as you want. I also find blogs to be more intimate-feeling, and more visually appealing.

I reluctantly rejoined FB in January -- it was the only place I could get up-to-date info about a citywide water outage we had!! I've since found it's about the best place to get info about what's going on around town. I use it very minimally for socializing, though -- honestly, as little as possible! (Yes, I'm old-fashioned LOL. I don't like Twitter either!)

I know it must be challenging to figure out what to do to best promote your business. If you want another set of ears off which to bounce ideas, feel free to email me =). There are several blogs I read that do not have an accompanying FB page, and those folks seem to generate sales okay without a FB page. So I do think it is possible to "make things happen" without FB, if it ends up not being your cup of tea. But I also understand why it can help to have a presence there.

gccmom said...

I hope you can figure out a strategy. I have made a decision to not "like" businesses on Facebook. I did that for so many and all of my friends disappeared from my newsfeed. It became one big blog feed repeating everything I read on the blogs. meanwhile, I started losing touch with those I want to keep up with. I personally feel that facebook is for people. I enjoy your blog and will continue to do so.
I'm glad you are looking for balance.