Thursday, May 17, 2012

Illustration Friday: kernel

Illustration Friday - What?! Good grief it's been years since I participated over there, right? I know. It is such a good exercise and I just never make the time to do it. Lately I have been trying to get back into some creative habits so this is one of those attempts. It's fun to spend time just doodling without thinking about turning it into embroidery. Even though I do feel rusty and some of my gouache had dried out from lack of use - I still am glad I gave it a go.


Miranda Meeks said...

Beautiful colors and lines! You illustrated the concept wonderfully.

Cindy D. said...

Neat little illustration! Cute stuff in your Etsy shop too!

Anonymous said...

This is very pretty, Corinne, and I agree with Miranda about you illustrating the concept wonderfully.

I hope that you'll continue participating in Illustration Friday and will share your drawings here . . . and maybe think about adding some prints to your shop along the way?