Monday, May 7, 2012

rainy weekend sewing

This weekend was a washout. We dodged enough raindrops to catch the Cinco de Mayo parade but other than that...we were pretty much homebound. Which is okay I guess because it meant we were available to clean up the water in our basement - boo! 
I decided to take the time to do a little sewing project that I have been meaning to do for ages - make some reusable snack bags. You'll recognize fabric from various past projects like this one and this one. Yes, this is a good stash buster! Funny how it took me almost til the end of the school year to get this done, though, right? (Only 24 more lunches to make for Peter as a 3rd grader!). 
I went ahead and made 5 at once. This great tutorial was my guiding light - very easy to follow. I had picked up some velcro with a 50% off coupon at JoAnn's so this project only cost $1.67 - you can't even buy a box of ziploc bags for that! score!

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