Thursday, May 3, 2012

swingtime fun

What was your favorite piece of playground equipment when you were a kid? Mine was the swings - hands down. I was also a bit of a champion when it came to jumping off the swings at full height - but I don't mean to brag. This week we added a small swing to our backyard with just a bit of trepidation. You know how it goes - you want your kids to have fun and play but then you worry about someone getting hurt - then you scold yourself for being overprotective and remind yourself how much fun YOU had doing stuff like that as a kid and YOU turned out just fine for heaven's sake right? right?
You go around and around like that in your head for awhile - then you leap and have a chance to see the sheer joy in their faces and the hear the squeals of delight - and you move on to worrying about something else.
They LOVE it. I, however, have been told I am too big for it - NO FAIR! *pout*


Anonymous said...

The rings! You swung around a pole with about six rings ! My hands had so many blisters! Then calluses! But great fun!

Glenda said...

I was always a swing girl too =). Still am!!

We don't go to the park nearly as often as we did when my son was 4 rather than nearly-14, but, when we do, he and I both still love to swing. (Our backyard swingset was passed along to his younger cousins a couple years ago, much to their delight.)

Your son is A-DOR-ABLE!!!