Tuesday, June 19, 2012

for the hostess with the mostess

I'll go out on a limb and guess that Vince's grandmother does not read my blog so I am safe sharing this with you. This was a special request from her and it was also my road project as we traveling through Nebraska last week. I only got the text done during the drive but those were some solid hours of stitching right there, lemme tell ya.
If you knew my grandmother-in-law you would know how fitting, how perfect this saying is for her. She is the best hostess and truly loves having people in her home. So, when she requested this project I jumped at the chance. If for no other reason than to repay all the kindness and warm hospitality she has shown us. A little embroidery will never match it of course but it's a start I guess.
I borrowed some flowers from my Indian Spice pattern set here. They look so different stitched up in pastels. I love how they can be included in so many different projects.
Of course I need to do some ironing and place this in a hoop but then it's all set to ship off to one of the nicest homes I know.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet & very pretty, Corinne =). Will you share a photo of it hooped up?

Your lettering is beautiful. I find embroidering lettering to be so much more tedious than it appears it would be -- it's so time-consuming! (for me, anyway) But the end result is worth it!

Denise Russell said...

Wow! This is beautiful! Great 'penmanship'... Just can't imagine doing this while in a car. You are good!!!

Renee Wheeler said...

I have a lovely poem that I want to embroider and I'm struggling with how to do it. Did you hand letter your saying directly on the project or what did you do? I would love, love, love to know how to get started!
Thank you,
Renee Wheeler
Austin, TX