Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the summer shift

Every year that "Whoa!" moment comes and takes me by surprise for some odd reason. I should see that it's coming since it does every year, right? How is it that the first couple of weeks of Summer break always leave me scrambling?
The routine I was so happy to let go of a few weeks ago was what guaranteed me a little time here and there to be creative or to at least clean up a bit now and then. Now we're on "Summer Time" where you grab whatever 'catch up' moments you can whenever you can and hope that it will add up to something being accomplished.
Do I get grouchy about this from time to time? yes. There is quite a bit of industrious introvert in me who misses long quiet hours of progress that might come in the winter or fall. But my gosh, look at all the fun we are having. Fishing (I don't fish - I take pictures of my boys fishing, it's cute), hiking in the green green woods, doing kid crafts, eating popsicles, catching up with neighbors, and on and on. So, I shouldn't complain. What I should do is go with the flow and adjust accordingly. You can't hear it but I assure you that I am laughing out loud right now because I am not good at that 'going with the flow' thing at all. 
This much I know - there are good good times ahead in the coming months. And maybe, just maybe, I might get one or two things done as well.


Anonymous said...

I love these photos of your boys, Corinne -- your blondie is a cutie-pie, and your brunette is very handsome. That photo of them walking away from you is all kinds of wonderful =).

Enjoy your summer and, yes, go with the flow!!!


Corinne said...

Thanks Glenda :) For some reason I have a number of photos of the boys walking down some wooded trail or another - I just always find it so endearing. I guess I think it makes it look like they are best of friends or something - as though you can't even imagine them fighting at all. Because they never, ever do you know. hahahahaha ;)