Saturday, July 28, 2012

our great escape

Shhh... don't tell anyone but....we went on a little vacation. I know, crazy, right? Thanks goodness for Vince who insists on these kinds of things once in awhile where as I can busy myself with the day-to-day of home life in oblivion without any trouble at all. It's only once I get there that I slap my forehead and think, "good grief, I almost missed this because I was trying to keep up with the laundry!"

Thank goodness also for living in an amazing state where you simply get in your car and drive for approximately 3 hours to a place where you feel like you are in another world.
So, here is where I share just a few of my favorite photos from our trip to Duluth and Two Harbors on the breathtaking shores of Lake Superior.

 I did take about a million pictures of the boys but I won't bore you with all of those - just this one of little Adam - my blondie - who just looks like someone who was born to run along a beach.
So today I really am going to have to try to catch up with the laundry. And the embroidery!

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