Friday, August 24, 2012

i'm getting there...

Hello and Happy Friday! I am happy to report that the weather and my kids and my camera all cooperated for a short while this week and I was able to take some ornament photos. Making that work can be...tricky.
I just have a couple to share this afternoon - some new, some familiar. This one is a new number for happy holiday couples. When Vince and I got married someone gave us an "Our First Christmas" ornament as a gift and I just love it. It's always been one of my favorites on the tree each year. So, I like to have something along those lines at SeptemberHouse. Mostly because they are fun to make but also because I hope that someone out there might treasure this memento as much as I treasure mine.
 You can find these Our First Christmas Ornaments in the webstore.
And you all remember these happy gals, right? Yes, the snow angels are back playing in the snow even though it's hot and sunny outside today. They just can't help themselves.
More to come! Until then have a wonderful weekend!


Ulla V. said...

Oh, those snow angels. They are so fine and I'm thrilled about your idea. I loved them last year and I love it still. Brilliant. :))

Corinne said...


thank you! :D

the Blue Rabbit House. said...

The snow angels are just so pretty!