Monday, August 27, 2012

teeny tiny stitches

This is my favorite new ornament this year (so far that is). I am a sucker for all things cute though so I guess that has something to do with it. 
My goals for this one was to make something that didn't shout BABY - no rattles or bottles allowed in my book. I also wanted a design that could work for either boys or girls and hopefully I hit the mark. Or at least got close. And lastly, it had to be able to be personalized, which it can. This little bear can be found over at the SeptemberHouse website.

I still have a few designs for ornaments waiting in the wings - one of which has been particularly troublesome. I'm not feeling confident that I can figure out how to make it work in time for this season. That is always disappointing but it happens pretty much every year anyway. 

I'm also starting to work on a new pattern set - yay! I would love to have it ready to go in September. It might be September 30th rather than September 1st however. Of course my kids are going back to school next week so production just might pick up, who knows, right?


SewAmy said...

very sweet.

Anonymous said...

What an adorable bear. The scarf could absolutely be stitched to be more girly or more boyish to fit a particular kiddo.


Corinne said...

Thanks ladies :)

Hattie Hen said...

That is so gorgeous! Perfect blend of not TOO baby-ish and just the right amount of cute!

SunneyTehBunney said...

Me again! The newbie :))

How did you get the different colors for the fabric- if I may ask?