Thursday, October 11, 2012

2 things

SeptemberHouse_Online Seller_ feature
It's been kind of a roller coaster week here but I am here to share a couple of the 'ups' with you today. The first one is a bit of press for SeptemberHouse on the Online Seller website. What a fun opportunity to share more about the challenges and rewards of selling online. Hopefully I did more encouraging than scaring when it comes to the topic of selling online, even though it certainly has been both at times for me.

And secondly, I mentioned previously that I planned to do a wee bit of Etsy shopping for SeptemberHouse's fourth birthday and promised to share what I bought. Lately my weakness and obsession has been with prints ( I should probably say 'reproductions' though I adore prints as well). I have so many on my personal 'wish list' and part of me is determined to one day have them all. It's hard to choose just one at a time but this week here was the lucky selection. I ordered it on Monday and it was in my hands on Wednesday which is pretty amazing. I can't wait to hang it up!

Other recently acquired pieces include this gem, this little beauty, and this lovely. See, I am slowly but surely making good on my pledge to NOT have bare walls in this house like we did in our last one. < sad, isn't it? It's true though - indecision stopped me from ever hanging up anything and I refuse to let that happen this time.

What new beauties have you hung on your walls lately?


Melissa Crowe said...

Ah! Jen McGee--my friend and former neighbor. Nice pick! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice article and great photo of you!

Good on you for not letting indecision get the better of you. I especially like "The Way Home" and "Unwavering".


nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

Lovely interview! Your story is much like mine :) I really need to get more prints on my wall. I do sometimes buy prints on Etsy though and embroidery work too!

Mary Ann said...

Really great article about you and your business:) What an interesting site too.