Thursday, October 25, 2012

i have to say...

I'm impressed.

If you have followed So September for a few years than you might remember this little project from way back in 2010. It was an embroidered fleece blanket created for a holiday craft article on Good In the process of working on that project many blankets were made. They did not end up selling but that was okay because a fleece blanket (or several) is something we can actually use in our home.

And use we have. These babies have been used and loved over and over again. They have been turned into forts, warmed chilly little feet in front of Saturday morning cartoons and have even been dragged along on road trips.
Snowflake Embroidery on Fleece SeptemberHouse
photo from 2010

Snowflake Hand Embroidery on Fleece SeptemberHouse
photo from 2010
And I swear these are actual photos of these blankets from then and now. You'll see they look pretty much the same. After all those trips through the washer and dryer (and NOT the delicate cycle) and all the rough play they have endured. I am pleasantly surprised that the embroidery has held up so nicely.

This was the first project I ever embroidered using fleece and after this experience I have to give it a thumbs up! Don't rule this fabric out when planning handmade holiday gifts or just some fun household items. If you missed the tutorial and project back in 2010 you can find the free snowflake embroidery pattern here as well.
Snowflake Hand Embroidery SeptemberHouse
photo from 2012

Free Snowflake embroidery pattern SeptemberHouse
photo from 2012
All I'm saying is give fleece a chance. (giggle)


Jessica said...

Wow, that's really impressive to see how well it's worn! How did you secure your stitches on the back to make sure they stayed in place through all the washing?

Corinne said...

I am as surprised as you are Jessica :)
I always weave my floss through a few stitches on the backside and then add a small knot. I know knots are kind of frowned upon in the world of embroidery but if it's something that is going to go through the wash I just feel better it I use one.

Pameladawn said...

Looks beautiful! Thanks for the idea reminder. What a wonderful gift idea.