Tuesday, October 9, 2012

i took the pin plunge

SeptemberHouse on Pinterest
It's true, I did, in fact climb aboard the pinterest train. I tried to be oh-so disciplined and not get into something that would be a huge temptation. But, I saw a lot of shop views coming in from Pinterest (and also everyone else I knew was already there) so I started peeking around to see what it was all about and well, you know how that goes. Have I spent time there when I should have been doing something else? yes. But not too much and overall I have been a pretty good girl I think. Besides, there are worse habits I could pick up, am I right?

Here is where you can find me on planet Pinterest.

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Jessica said...

Welcome to the dark side! Actually, I find Pinterest incredibly useful - not only for bookmarking things I want to come back to, but also as a moodboard. It's really interesting to look at an overview of my latest pins and see the trends in what's appealing to me.