Friday, January 25, 2013

"...for the winter days are long and many"

Is everyone making it through the Arctic blast? Or maybe you are lucky enough to be in a place that has been spared or never sees these below zero highs. I saw the forecast last week and I braced myself. I reminded myself that this is, after all, January in Minnesota so of course it will be cold. And that worked on day one and even day two. But now, now folks, I'm done. *sigh*

So, I'm sharing a little bit of mid winter loveliness with this little story from Leo Lionni. I have such affection for this one and it seems to be especially endearing this time of year. If you have 6 minutes to spare take a peek at this gem about the power of imagination, the magic of poetry and last but not least, how to survive Winter!

Hang in there everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, ack, those are some COLD temps!! And here we are having Spring in January -- temps in the 70's & 60's. I'm sure we'll pay for that in a big way come summertime ;-).

Stay warm, my friend =).


Hattie Hen said...

Oh how sweet little Frederick is. I'm trying to remember the cool days of autumn, since down here it's the middle of summer. Today was 95 degrees and we went to the local pool. Last Friday was the hottest day in decades and it reached 113. Can you imagine?! Phew. Will try and send you some of the suns warm rays from down under.

Corinne said...

It's working - I DO feel warmer after reading your comments! I'll try to send a cool breeze your way(s) in exchange :D

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