Thursday, February 28, 2013

polishing up my skills

Today I've got a little splash of happy news from SeptemberHouse to share. A very glamorous and girly (that's me you know *wink*) opportunity came my way recently when I was asked to embroider some text and artwork for NAILS Magazine. Well, I couldn't pass that up and it was really fun. You can take a peek at the results but visiting the NAILS Magazine Website.

I wish I could go back in time and tell my 6 year old self (the one who begged and begged to wear nail polish) that such a fun project would one day come my way. I'm sure it would have made her squeal with delight. And the grown up me is so glad and grateful too!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

little somethings for little ones

The blog has been quiet but my hands have been busy. I wish I didn't have to choose one or the other! It does make it all that much more fun when I get to come here and share new projects with you all however. Today I've got new embroidery panels to share. I stitched these up as nursery decor but one of my goals with these was to make them a bit more versatile so they don't necessarily have to be used in a nursery. (That's the practical side of me by the way). They just landed on the shelves over at the SeptemberHouse website and the Etsy shop.
Fabric Panel for Hand Embroidery, Modern Nursery Wall Art
There is a stylized space-y design with a big happy sun and blue moon. I definitely got my backstitch on with this one and used that single stitch throughout the whole thing.
Fabric Panel for Hand Embroidery, Modern Nursery Wall Art, Floral DIY fabric
Next up is a floral design stitched up as a birth record (like how I gave this photo some staying power by bumping us all ahead to 2014?) I was a little nervous about navy blue for a girly-type design but darn it, I really like navy blue! I may put it out there in some other colorways at some point too. You all would not believe the hand wringing I go through trying to pick these colors - it's terrible.
DIY kit for Hand Embroidery, Modern Nursery Wall Art in floral design
Also new are embroidery panel kits. I have had some requests in the past for something like this so I thought I would give it a go. They come with the panel, hoop, needle and floss so there is no need to make a special trip to the fabric store. Who would give up a chance to go to the fabric store is beyond me though ... wait, I forgot, I have two sons who hate the fabric store so I guess I totally get that after all!
DIY kit for Hand Embroidery, Modern Nursery Wall Art in space design
Last but not least, I know that setting the text up for these panels can be kind of a chore if you don't enjoy that type ['type' get it? ha!] of thing so I decided to provide some options to remedy that as well and am offering a free embroidery pattern, color and stitch guide and directions with each panel. The pattern has three text variations and a blank template for setting up your own text. I am always glad to help people out with this part of the process as well.

Some of my older panels will be getting a makeover this Spring so I'll be sure to share those when they are ready for their reveal.

A new pattern set is on the way too so watch for all these new Spring babies at SeptemberHouse!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

old friends return

Just adding some familiar faces to the shop today. I may not have waited until Valentine's Day was over to start in with the St. Patrick's Day goodies but I at least waited until it had begun so it's okay, right?
Irish flag shamrock necklace hand embroidered

Four leaf clover necklace St. Patrick's Day gifts and jewelry

Hopefully you all are having a nice holiday. Valentine's Day is not my favorite but there is some serious chocolate in the house right now so I won't complain. Oh, and some good wine too so hey, it can't be that bad.

We also woke up to the most beautiful snowfall - like Christmas card beautiful. You know when the snow sticks to the tree branches and then the sun creeps out and it just looks like Narnia or something - gorgeous! I like to think of it as a love letter from Winter. I'm truly grateful for it but between you and me, I'm saving my heart for Spring.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

finally february

Here is how we prep for Valentine's Day at our house. Someone in our house (Adam!) is particularly fond of scotch tape and scissors so there have been a lot of demands made for hearts to hang up on the windows. They can be found on both the front and back windows of our home - just in case the squirrels and birds want to share in our holiday fun.

It's fine with me because it means it must be February which means that cursed month of January is finally gone! One of my survival techniques this Winter is to stay very busy so that is what has kept me away from So September. There are half completed projects in every corner and I have been flitting between them for weeks. Assuming I ever get one (or all of them) done I will be sure to share those here. My confidence in some of them is waning but maybe a little sunshine would help me see them in a new light. I hope so!