Wednesday, February 6, 2013

finally february

Here is how we prep for Valentine's Day at our house. Someone in our house (Adam!) is particularly fond of scotch tape and scissors so there have been a lot of demands made for hearts to hang up on the windows. They can be found on both the front and back windows of our home - just in case the squirrels and birds want to share in our holiday fun.

It's fine with me because it means it must be February which means that cursed month of January is finally gone! One of my survival techniques this Winter is to stay very busy so that is what has kept me away from So September. There are half completed projects in every corner and I have been flitting between them for weeks. Assuming I ever get one (or all of them) done I will be sure to share those here. My confidence in some of them is waning but maybe a little sunshine would help me see them in a new light. I hope so!

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