Thursday, February 14, 2013

old friends return

Just adding some familiar faces to the shop today. I may not have waited until Valentine's Day was over to start in with the St. Patrick's Day goodies but I at least waited until it had begun so it's okay, right?
Irish flag shamrock necklace hand embroidered

Four leaf clover necklace St. Patrick's Day gifts and jewelry

Hopefully you all are having a nice holiday. Valentine's Day is not my favorite but there is some serious chocolate in the house right now so I won't complain. Oh, and some good wine too so hey, it can't be that bad.

We also woke up to the most beautiful snowfall - like Christmas card beautiful. You know when the snow sticks to the tree branches and then the sun creeps out and it just looks like Narnia or something - gorgeous! I like to think of it as a love letter from Winter. I'm truly grateful for it but between you and me, I'm saving my heart for Spring.


fawn said...

I recently discovered your blog and I love it!!! You are very talented!

Corinne said...

Thank you! and Welcome :)