Sunday, March 31, 2013

how i spent...

Adam rock hunting by the river Spring Break.
Hello from Spring Break! No, I'm not typing as I sip on an umbrella'd drink on a beach somewhere but my boys are watching the Peanuts Easter special on tv so I have a bit of time to catch up with you all over here. It has been a really lovely week actually. I imagined breaking up fights and hearing about how boring I was all week but was surprised to find that instead, my sons actually played quite nicely and everyone seemed very content. I know, weird, right? I'm hoping that will be a hint about the coming Summer break but I won't believe it until I see it for myself.

We did try to sneak in a little fun (for as little money as possible!) here and there and thanks to some good weather we were able to do just that.

Here is the highlight reel:

* a trip to Stillwater Minnesota with ice cream at Leo's

* LOTS of drawing/cutting/coloring/and play-doughing!

* movie night: Titan AE (a great one for 9 yr old boys in my opinion!)

* I finished up Far From the Tree (whew! quite a reading commitment but worth every page) and started Ladies and Gentleman - in which I stumbled upon someone's social security card (they had been using it for a bookmark apparently). Library books always seem to hold more adventure than store-bought varieties  don't they? Peter worked his way through the Heck series and Adam and I followed some Junie B. Jones antics.

* made some rice crispie treats

* one pair of pajama pants were sewn up. I had higher sewing aspirations but oh well.

* a visit to Minnehaha Falls

* An afternoon at the Tropics indoor waterpark (not my thing and WAY too crowded but I did it anyway - am still waiting for my award/trophy)

* a good long hike at Hidden Falls Park

* Easter egg decorating

So, I think we did okay. We had a little family fun but also forced the boys to make their own fun part of the time as well which I think is important. I loved it and am now even more excited about Summer vacation. I should have taken more photos, I know. I just haven't been much of a shutterbug lately and I am not sure why. I need to get back into that.

I hope you all have had a chance to take a little Spring break and enjoy time with family and friends in this special season - there is really no better way to spend it!

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