Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2014 arrives early - well sort of

2014 fabric calendar panels for embroidery

They are here- 2014 calendar panels! To be honest I had them at SeptemberHouse on Etsy and the SeptemberHouse Webstore last week but it was such a crazy week that I didn't have time to stop by over here and chat about it. Here is the newest batch for the newest year.

DIY calendars 2014

I always like to have a very basic 'blank canvas' version so people have lots and lots of creative options and can really make these their own. So, this year I have three color options: cadet blue, moss green and taupe all with grey text for the dates. They are blank at the top so a pattern can be added. Personally, I have my eyes on this succulent pattern from urban threads - I think it would look awesome on this! I also have some mixed media designs floating around in my head that I might try. 

Create your own fabric calendar

The second design has a pre-printed pattern so there is no need to decide upon or transfer any embroidery patterns - just start stitching! I have these in three colors: poppy red, amethyst and jade. As you can see I am still working on mine. I wanted to go really heavy with the stitching so it's taking me a bit longer. I like how it's coming along so far though!

2014 calendar panel modern flower embroidery pattern

Hopefully others will have as much fun with these as I have. It really is something I look forward to every year. Happy New Year everyone!


heather said...

Love!!! Really like the flower you are working on...can't wait to see it finished!

Елена said...

Hi Corinne! I found your blog on recomendation of Katrin from Kailea shop. May I ask you where you bought the chain for this pendant, like in the first photo of your embroidered pendant tutorial?
I purchased silver toned findings from Kailea, but I cannot find the chains of the same color...

Thank you!