Tuesday, July 30, 2013

holiday premieres and familiar faces

The elves have been busy in the workshop lately. And by that I mean I have been busy in my basement but that doesn't sound quite as spirited, does it? There are some new ornaments hitting the shelves this year so I thought I would share those today.
personalized our first christmas ornament
The first is a much requested personalized version of the "our first Christmas" ornament. It has space to add initials at the top but still has the color scheme and typography that is in the original edition.
holiday ornament snow angel
Also new this year is a new color scheme option for the snow angel ornaments. This one is purple and light green. I had a little fun with the hair too and went with pigtails this time. 
holiday ornament snow angel
Another requested item was a boy version of the snow angel ornament so he makes his big premiere this year too. 
baby's first christmas 2013 holiday ornament
 Then the standards return with the baby's first Christmas bear in a regular
personalized baby's first christmas 2013 holiday ornament
 and personalized version.
our first christmas wedding keepsake ornament
 The Our First Christmas
handmade holiday ornament snow angel 2013
 and snow angels return as well.
handmade holiday ornament snow angel 2013
More holiday goodies will be coming but this is a kickstart. I love this time of year when I get to play with so many ideas and possibilities before the whirlwind of the holidays begins. Back to the basement workshop I go!


Unknown said...

These ornaments are so clever, beautiful and meticulously done! I love your blog and your work.

Liz (BrighterSides)

Tamara Araujo said...

So beautiful and nicely done....but I have a question...do you paint the fabric first? Sorry Im asking but I really was wandering...Continue to do sucha lovely work....