Tuesday, August 27, 2013

in the great green room...

Anyone else remember that famous opening lines from "Goodnight Moon"? That is what went through my head as we painted Adam's bedroom last week. I think it's an improvement over the wood paneling that covered the walls before that AND over the retro-fabulous wallpaper we discovered under that. 

Am I in love with the color? No . Would I choose it myself? No (well - maybe for a sewing or embroidery project but not for my walls). It looks a little more subtle in this photo but actually it's quite bright. Adam likes it and he picked it so it works for me. 

This whole experience involved a wee bit of hand-wringing on my part. Do you let a nearly 6 year old choose their own colors for their bedroom?? I have spoken to a lot of moms who have let their kids do this and my initial reaction was always, "Wow, they are such cool moms, what kid wouldn't LOVE to do that? I should be a cool, laid-back mom like that too!". But another voice in my head thought, "kids really shouldn't be making this decision - this is a choice better made by an adult who will be buying the paint, is paying for the house and has more experience with these types of choices." Oh what to do, what to do!

Admittedly, I did some "steering" but ultimately I did let him decide. I'm still waiting for my "Wow, mom - you are the greatest!" Just kidding!

Anyway - how much decision-making power do you give your kids? Have you ever regretted handing over the reigns (or NOT handing over the reigns?). And lastly, can you guess the name of this paint color:

a. lilypad
b. avacado
c. fern
d. moss

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

making a graceful exit

I'm doing some annual (September)housecleaning this week and wanted to give a quick notice about these lovely ladies. "Wig Wonderful" will be retiring September 1st and will no longer be available after that date. So, now is the time to snag this one while you can. This feisty red-head and her three gal pals are available on the website and over in Etsy-land.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

hidden treasures

vintage wall paper, wood paneling
Look what I found hiding behind the wood paneling in our house. Don't you love little suprises like that? Here's the truth guys - I don't hate it. I actually think it's quite charming and it reminds me of the sewing room my mom had when I was growing up that was all done up in these colors. I distinctly remember curling up with a book in the gigantic white wicker chair that was in the corner surrounded by bright green and yellow. ah memories.

Back to present day...
I decided one of the many many things I wanted to get done this Summer was painting both of the boys' rooms. Painting, that's easy right? No big deal, right? Well, here is is August and I haven't done a thing to make it happen. *sigh*

Today that changed though. Adam's room was chock full of paneling so the retro-fabulous wallpaper was discovered at demolition time this afternoon. Adam thought it was awesome to find something unexpected behind the walls but was quick to add that he didn't want it in his room. So, off it came. 

Next I'll have a lot of scraping, scrubbing and hole filling to do to make the walls ready to be painted. I'm so excited to see how it looks when it's done though so I'll be eager to take on even the most mundane of tasks. I'll be sure to post when it's all complete!