Tuesday, August 27, 2013

in the great green room...

Anyone else remember that famous opening lines from "Goodnight Moon"? That is what went through my head as we painted Adam's bedroom last week. I think it's an improvement over the wood paneling that covered the walls before that AND over the retro-fabulous wallpaper we discovered under that. 

Am I in love with the color? No . Would I choose it myself? No (well - maybe for a sewing or embroidery project but not for my walls). It looks a little more subtle in this photo but actually it's quite bright. Adam likes it and he picked it so it works for me. 

This whole experience involved a wee bit of hand-wringing on my part. Do you let a nearly 6 year old choose their own colors for their bedroom?? I have spoken to a lot of moms who have let their kids do this and my initial reaction was always, "Wow, they are such cool moms, what kid wouldn't LOVE to do that? I should be a cool, laid-back mom like that too!". But another voice in my head thought, "kids really shouldn't be making this decision - this is a choice better made by an adult who will be buying the paint, is paying for the house and has more experience with these types of choices." Oh what to do, what to do!

Admittedly, I did some "steering" but ultimately I did let him decide. I'm still waiting for my "Wow, mom - you are the greatest!" Just kidding!

Anyway - how much decision-making power do you give your kids? Have you ever regretted handing over the reigns (or NOT handing over the reigns?). And lastly, can you guess the name of this paint color:

a. lilypad
b. avacado
c. fern
d. moss


Michelle said...

When I was growing up, my friends had pink walls. I was SO jealous! But we had white walls and they were always going to be white because if we painted them any other color we'd change our minds later and then we'd have pink walls until the end of time....

Or something like that. I don't think my parents repainted those walls in the entire 30some years they lived in that house.

We live in a 1920s farmhouse and I'm trying to keep what's neat and vintage about it (paneling and fancy wall paper) so my kids don't get to pick their wall colors the way I'd let them if it was plaster or drywall.

Corinne said...

That reminds me, Michele, I should add that as a child the idea of getting to choose the color of my walls would have probably resulted in fits of laughter from my parents. There is NO WAY that would have happened. :)
Plus, I always shared a room with at least one of my sisters (for awhile all four of us shared a room!) so can you imagine trying to reach a consensus with all those opinions in play?
Yep, I think my parents probably made the right choice :)

Lee said...

I am guessing the color is Avacado!? My mom was an artist and something was always being painted. She let my sis and convert the closet floor to a reading area and put the shoes all under the bed. Half the room was my color - purple and my sisters half was orange! :)

Corinne said...

To all who were wondering the mystery color is called.....